Explain position movements with 99% accuracy at P&L Explained app

Companies spend hours – if not days – collecting data from different systems attempting to explain P&L and still end up with a large unexplained bucket. Eka’s P&L Explained app enables companies to identify root causes in P&L, helping them make better decisions faster.

Read this app sheet to learn how Eka’s P&L Explained app can help you

  • Gain a clear understanding of P&L movement by drilling down to the individual transaction level
  • Quickly spot inaccurate assumptions that could affect future trading decisions and measure the performance of traders, books, and business units
  • View P&L explained buckets with drill down to trade level
  • View P&L change by any pre-defined or user-defined entity like strategy, business unit, region, trader
  • Identify maximum P&L and position swing by strategy, book, commodity, grade and other dimensions