New research from IBM indicates that the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation in 59% of organizations polled. 66% say they have even been able to complete initiatives that previously encountered resistance. Organizations find that the current sense of urgency is helping advance initiatives that previously encountered resistance.

How are you digitally transforming your commodity management processes?
Are you challenged on how to move forward on your CTRM efforts?

The 2nd Annual Commodity Digitisation Forum (DigiCom) is hosting over 20 thought leaders to lead expert discussions around data journey, digital transition, systems’ developments, best practices around automated trading, and much more. Join the conversation and keep your organization innovating during these unusual times.

Join Eka, Varo Energy and OLAM as we discuss, “How can we make CTRM a Business Optimization Tool.

  • Exploring the move towards redefining CTRM systems as a driver and optimiser of the business rather than an after the fact accounting and reporting system
  • Intelligent CTRM initiatives – can AI and other
    technologies be used to allow the CTRM to drive users through workflow processes and operating intuitively, rather than being driven by user themselves?
  • Where can industry wide common standards and procedures be brought into the CTRM world?

Talk to our experts for a consultative meeting and evaluate your digital journey during the event. Please complete the form and we will setup your virtual meeting slot.

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