Geopolitics. Inflation. Covid. Volatility. Labour. Climate change. Cyberattacks – the list goes on, and on, and on.

Never has there been such a vast array of risks facing commodities professionals, never has the line between success and disaster been so slim, and never have the potential consequences been so stark.

To not just survive, but to thrive in these uncertain times, new approaches to managing risk, processes and tools must be developed and carefully deployed.

This webinar will gather leaders from across the commodity trading risk spectrum: market participants, thought leaders, and providers of the most innovative technologies – together the speakers will provide a deep dive into some of the most urgent risks faced by the industry, and share practical tips for identifying and mitigating these.


Our expert speaker lineup includes:

Dr Sadar Abdul Rasheed, Director of Commodity Risk Control, Savola Group

Alex Whittaker, Risk Manager, Bonroy Petchem

Nicolas Jouglard, Head of Financial Risk Management, Constellium

Gary Vasey, Managing Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory

Brian Quinn, SVP, Eka

Shuchi Nijhawan, Chief Sustainability Officer, Eka

Scott Welcome, Director, Grains Risk Management, GoodMills Group

Piero Carello, Global Manager, Agriculture Engagement and Intelligence, S&P Global

Olena Isaiev, Lead Commodity Trading Solutions, KPMG Switzerland

Ben Hillary, Managing Director, Commodities People


Key themes include:

Assessing the core challenges in commodities markets today; Geopolitics, inflation, an overload of data, complex supply chains – benchmarking different approaches to their management
Technological innovations in risk; cloud, apps, code, sustainability solutions, advanced analytics and AI
Why nonfinancial risks are on the rise; evolving ESG regulations, sustainability risks
What should be in the risk managers toolkit in 2022?
Future proofing your risk program; what new challenges are likely to await us in 23/24?