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The Eka Cloud Platform is more than just a sum of its parts. Bring industry-leading applications together to create end-to-end business solutions. Accelerate the pace of your business with Eka’s rich applications supporting trading & risk, supply chain, business collaboration and financial management. Keep pace with change in real time with better insights and engagement across your value chain.

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Trading and risk

Markets are characterized by risk, volatility, and complexity. Controlling risk is imperative, but information about risk resides in disparate sources, including E/CTRM systems and spreadsheets. This information must be aggregated and analyzed to define risk policies and evaluate breaches when they occur. Eka E/CTRM applications help traders, operations, and procurement to better manage risk and react quickly to optimize their trades, pricing and logistics.

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Supply chain

Companies must track, manage, and optimize stock, analyze data from multiple systems in real time to ensure opportunities are not missed. The complete raw material and commodity value chain from source to manufacturing creates huge amounts of data which requires advanced analytics to collect, blend, and analyze. Eka Supply Chain management solutions enable producers, processors, and manufacturers to better manage their logistics operations, warehouse and yard management.

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Sustainability and ESG

ESG tracking and reporting have become mainstream for enterprises. Sustainable practices have become increasingly important not just for investors but also for modern customers and employees. Eka’s ESG and sustainability solution helps you measure and reduce your environmental impact through pre-built frameworks for sustainability and ESG reporting. Using this cloud-based solution, you can simplify data collection and leverage pre-built frameworks to automate reporting for GRI, TCFD, SASB, IR, SDG, CDP, BRSR, and many more.

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Financial management

Traders, risk managers, finance specialists, and supply chain managers spend inordinate amounts of time reconciling reports that are output by different systems. Eka’s financial management solutions help manage financial risk, hedge accounting and compliance along with applications to standardize, control and streamline all reconciliations and enables traders to match payments, adjustments, receipts, contracts, stocks and commissions to the last cent.

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Eka Analytics’ intelligence engine uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze massive amounts of data in seconds. The system automatically aggregates data from internal sources – CTRM, ETRM, ERP, CRM, treasury, IoT sensors, and spreadsheets – as well as external sources including weather data and market feeds. With Eka Analytics, companies gain answers to their most important questions in real time, not days or weeks later, enabling faster responses to market shifts.

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Today clients are looking to increase collaboration not only inside their companies but across their value chain. End-to-end collaboration provides tremendous benefits to every participant in the value chain, from suppliers to traders to customers, increasing efficiency, loyalty, and deepening relationships. Eka’s e-sourcing suite helps companies enhance visibility and improve communication by connecting people, information, applications, and processes across raw material businesses.

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