Market volatility, geopolitical events and other global issues can make or break businesses. Withstanding these shifts requires businesses to have a sophisticated, cloud driven trading and risk management software that allows them to move at the speed of markets. Read on if you want to know more about the fundamentals of trading and risk management in commodities and energy businesses.


Businesses today acknowledge that long-term prosperity cannot be achieved at the cost of ecological health and social equity. Sustainability is a new and evolving topic. The dynamic regulatory environment makes compliance and reporting tough to follow. As a fast-evolving space, there is limited clarity on core principles of sustainability and reporting frameworks and how it helps enterprises achieve their net-zero goals.


Post pandemic, corporate treasurers have taken a more front-line role in ensuring a business’ financial health. They are tasked with optimizing liquidity, funding, capital and allocation of financial resources to align with overall strategy. Its goal is to ensure that the company has sufficient funds to stay abreast of disruptive events while fulfilling its day-to-day business commitments and assisting in the development of long-term financial strategy and policies.