Simplify integration for accelerated value through open APIs and prepackaged connectors

Visibility of critical data in one place

Link previously isolated systems across the business through multiple integration models to handle different business scenarios.

Access core applications and data repositories

Take advantage of an expanding ecosystem of predefined connectors covering ERP, CRM, trade repositories, financial and market data to better manage your key business functions and processes.

Streamline management and improve experience

Depend on Eka to ensure the integrations stay current as applications evolve.

Keep track ofeverything

Tie-in data from all kinds of alternative sources, from CSV, spreadsheets, and shared folders to FTP/SFTP, ODBC and multiple APIs.

Simplify tracking and monitoring

Manage integrations through the Eka Cloud Platform to securely connect across your cloud and on-prem systems.

Fast and flexible integration with pre-built connectors

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