Commodity analytics with AI and ML

Built from the ground up for raw material and commodity businesses, Eka Analytics is a comprehensive solution that integrates data management, business intelligence, statistical analytics, and AI capabilities all embedded in one platform. It allows you to make the best possible decisions in the least possible time.

Dairy cooperative gets company-wide transparency into risk with Eka

Eka’s commodity analytics apps enabled the dairy cooperative to make better hedging decisions, minimizing exposure as their business evolved along with aggregating and analyzing data from multiple data sources.


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Empower your business with data and deeper insights

Supply chain analytics

Digitalize your supply chain with intelligent, connected analytics.

  • Evaluate logistics operations in near real time
  • Predict future demand based on historical data and market trends
  • Improve forward planning with visibility into projected inventory and plant utilization
  • Determine the best voyage strategies
Statistical analytics

Commodity analytics

Manage your end-to-end commodity transactions and make better, faster, fact-based trading decisions.

  • Identify and evaluate best trade scenarios
  • Manage spends enterprise-wide
  • Ensure accuracy, reduce settlement risk, and better manage cash flow
  • Get visibility into the potential impact of various options on P&L
Statistical analytics

Financial analytics

Make right decisions with forward-looking, predictive insights and achieve tangible cost benefits.

  • Forecast your cash flow
  • Track and streamline all reconciliations
  • Determine your best trade finance options
  • Enable forward-looking analysis on counterparties by tracking and monitoring aging of dues
Supply chain analytics

Enrich your data

Embedded analytics

  • Simple, consumable visualizations for getting started quickly
  • Over 100+ reports available out of the box across all applications
  • Embedded charts, dashboards, and insights
  • Distribute visualization and insights to anyone within your organization
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Data management

  • Bring in data from any source- ERP, CRM, financial data, market exchanges or file uploads
  • Preparation of data for self-service
  • Better management of data within the Eka Analytics environment
  • Govern data using Eka security framework
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Data Management

Self-service business intelligence

  • Handle complex business logic with an intuitive, easy to use data enrichment editor
  • Drag and drop dimensions into visual drop zones for rapid chart creation
  • Easily pivot, filter, and adjust visual representations to spot trends
  • Schedule business critical reports to run – EOD, on-demand or real-time
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Self-service Business Intelligence

Advanced analytics

  • Use machine learning algorithms to detect anomalies
  • Recreate anomalies through simulations to see the impact on business
  • Correlate the anomaly with a specific real-world scenario
  • Create custom queries on-the-fly
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Discovery boards

  • Pre-built dashboards with deep actionable insights and real-time alerts
  • Visualize data, identify patterns, and uncover insights
  • Configurable by roles and industry
  • Create custom-built dashboards across applications
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Discovery boards

Connected data drives digital business

Embedded and self-service analytics

Embedded and self-service analytics

One platform to centralize data

One platform
to centralize

One experience across devices

One experience

Open cloud architecture


Enterprise-grade security for your data

Enterprise-grade security
for your data

Industry and role analytics expertise

Industry and role analytics expertise

Eka’s one platform advantage

  • Enterprise applications on cloud: Powering the value chain from trading & risk to supply chain to business collaboration on a single cloud platform
  • Embedded, real-time, advanced analytics: Single actionable view of your business for faster decision making
  • Powerful application framework: Transform complex processes into applications with built-in schedulers, workflow engine and custom applications
  • Built-in integration: Pre-built, Eka supported connections to third-party applications and services

Achieve better business outcomes

Digital supply chain

Supply chain

Eka’s Supply chain management solutions deliver integrated, real-time applications for your raw materials and commodities business.

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Trading and risk

Eka’s CTRM connects your trading ecosystem, enabling seamless digital collaboration, automated workflows and on-demand, self-serve reporting.

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