A modern approach to commodity management

Move beyond the traditional ways of managing commodities. Experience an enterprise-grade cloud platform focused on delivering value for your business.

Comprehensive functional coverage

Eka’s functionally rich cloud platform provides industry specific automated workflows, 50+ applications and advanced analytics across the trading life cycle for various commodities. The platform can be seamlessly connected to external systems using the 65+ pre-built connectors to enable faster implementation

Single source of truth

Gain the most accurate and timely view of your enterprise by consolidating all your critical data into one place. Seeded with pre-built connectors, Eka’s industry leading Cloud Platform not only allows the data from disparate systems to be consolidated into one place but also brings down integration time to enable rapid solution deployment.

Seamless UI for faster adoption

Eka’s simple user interface lets you familiarize with our solutions seamlessly that helps in faster adoption. Access the solution at any time from any where on any device.

Scales with your business

Add incremental capabilities by easily acquiring and quickly deploying only those capabilities that you need for your business now. As you grow, add more capabilities quickly without the long lead-times associated with implementing new systems or custom development.

Enterprise grade level security for protection and control

Compliant with industry standards, Eka offers enterprise grade level security. We provide security you can trust with security and regulatory, data backup and data encryption. We offer 24/7 infrastructure support, with a 99% availability for application support conforming to industry best practices.

Partner of choice

Over the last two decades we transformed to adapt to the new environment and helped customers do the same. At Eka we believe in partnering with customers to work openly and collaboratively to ensure everyone is on track to meet your key objectives. That included enabling successful implementations, on time and on budget no matter the complexity.

Trusted by businesses globally

Trusted by businesses globally