The agriculture industry has the most complex supplier network in the world. One of the important factors in sustaining the raw material procurement process for the agriculture industry is selecting and maintaining this composite supplier network. Collaborating with suppliers, to ensure a steady supply of quality raw materials at competitive prices has become paramount to organizational success.


While working with many manufacturing and agriculture customers, we realized that existing ERPs are not solving collaboration challenges which entails price discovery, PO changes, Delivery changes and AP collaboration.


In this webinar, we will provide insights into critical aspects of supplier management and discuss in detail on how we provided a seamless digital solution to one of our customers (a leading agri trader) to connect their multiple stakeholders under a single platform. We will also discuss the importance of –


  • Having a single virtual platform where all business partners can connect, thereby increasing self-service and automation
  • Reducing technical debt by consolidating multiple systems into one single source of truth
  • Enabling real time analysis of customer data, gathering market intelligence, and reducing dependency on manual processes
  • Creating a price discovery mechanism for suppliers which facilitates transparency of market prices and helps build trust in the business



Gaurav Shah
Sr. Director – Products,