With evolving sustainability regulations, ESG consciousness has increased both in India and globally. The Indian ecosystems have realized that environmental, social, and corporate parameters can no longer be analysed and reported using spreadsheets. Erstwhile sustainability practices have seen a paradigm shift with increased competition and changing consumer expectations.

Technology is instrumental for this shift and is indispensable for scaling carbon accounting and ESG initiatives. Choosing the right technology is crucial as it can make or break your strategy.

If you are concerned about the ever-evolving nature of technology and how it can mold your ESG strategy, do not miss hearing from your experts.

Key discussion points of the Webinar:

  • Evolving ESG regulations
  • Envisaging the top goals for 2023
  • GHG emissions – a deep dive
  • Enabling ESG journey with technology


Vasudev Athlaye
Associate Director, Product Management,


Ankit Shah
Product Marketing,