Evolving regulatory environment is causing enterprises to double down on carbon accounting and offsetting initiatives. Staying compliant means Sustainability teams seeking ways to report on Scope 1,2,3 emissions and analyze different strategies to attain net-zero goals. Adapting to standards such as SBTi and GHG Protocol Corporate Standards will require businesses to demonstrate and make carbon accounting a critical component of their sustainability reporting strategy.


Register for this webinar to understand key initiatives from experts on carbon accounting and goals offsetting, while avoiding common mistakes as you begin your net-zero journey.


Agenda –

  • GHG emissions relevant for your industry and ways to assess them
  • Key reports to look at while monitoring carbon footprints
  • Scenario creation and AI modelling for better decision making
  • Key carbon offsetting initiatives


Thagi T

Taghi T
Co-Head of Global Physical Trading,
SOCAR Trading


Shuchi Nijhawan
Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Human Resource Officer,