Optimizing the ‘first mile’ readiness for direct materials

90% of Chief Procurement Officers experience moderate to low visibility within their supply chain network. With the pandemic and increasing uncertainties in the global manufacturing sector, one of the biggest challenges for businesses is to stay ‘first mile’ ready.


The majority of enterprises fail to understand that ‘first mile’ contributes up to 70% of their cost of goods sold. Supplier collaboration is a key part of the ‘first mile’. This is why manufacturing companies need a solution built specifically to address their challenges and better prepare for future supply chain disruptions.


Watch the webinar to learn:

  • The contributions of different stakeholders like sourcing partners, consolidators, growers and brokers in a complex sourcing network
  • The inability of legacy systems in managing direct materials and the need for automating buyer-supplier collaboration
  • The requirement of in-depth visibility into your supply chain to identify the gaps
  • The importance of self-service and supplier enablement


Rajesh Savio
Leader – Product Management,