The world is more conscious of carbon emissions, and enterprises are not far behind. An enterprise’s long-term success in a low-carbon world will be based on its ability to adapt and demonstrate serious intent toward achieving a net-zero status. That said, implementing change requires a company-wide assessment.

Why is it critical for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint? What are the primary roadblocks businesses face to this end? What could be the tipping point? What can be done to facilitate the shift from discourse to action? These are some of the concerns of the decision makers when they plan to minimize their carbon emissions.

Register for the webinar to know how technology can enable you to win this race of carbon neutrality.

Get insights into:

  • Evolving global regulations on carbon neutrality
  • Deep dive into the measurement of scope 3 emissions
  • Managing the carbon emissions across geographies
  • Scenario creation and AI modeling to achieve net-zero carbon goals

Date: 17th Nov 2022 (Thursday)
Time: 11AM BST | 3:30PM IST | 6:00PM SGT
Duration: 45 minutes



Robert Allender
Corporate Energy Affairs Chief Architect,
EnergyUse Strategy Advisors

Vasudev Athalye
Associate Director – Sustainability,


Shuchi Nijhawan
CHRO and Chief Sustainability Officer,