In this webinar, ComTech Advisory’s Patrick Reames explains how you can modernize your commodity management system to improve operations – and why you should. Learn how to turbocharge your E/CTRM system in just a few weeks, enabling you to better manage your entire value chain – from downstream, to trading and risk, to procurement.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Why ComTech believes a monolithic E/CTRM solution that addresses all commodities and markets cannot work in today’s markets
  • How you can power growth by adopting E/CTRM as an architecture?
  • Four ways a digital commodity management system enables you to make better, faster decisions
  • How to modernize your system in weeks, without spending a lot of money?

Expand your existing system or build your own. Eka’s apps are inexpensive, easy to implement, and provide all the functionality you need to grow your business.
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