Ascertaining accurate cash position across location, currency and liquidity position can be monumental. Gain global cash visibility across regions and disparate data sources on one single platform with Eka’s Cash Management app.

One of the important benchmarks for an efficient treasury strategy is to free the organization from worrying about strapped liquidity. At the end of the day, you don’t want multiple employees spending hours with disparate tools and data points. Too much cost, isn’t it?

Eka’s cash management app benefits the user in the following ways:

  • Automate preparation and reconciliation of daily cash position even before the business day begins
  • Easy import of AR/AP reports either summarized or detailed from ERP or other legacy systems
  • Auto update of cash forecasts to get real-time view of availability
  • Seamless integration of diverse data from banks, ERPs & spreadsheets into one single platform for real time visibility