Create Turnkey Visualizations for SDG and CDP standards with Eka’s Sustainability and ESG app

Corporate sustainability is subject to a lot of attention but not a lot of clarity. Multiple reporting standards and inconsistent ways of collecting and processing critical sustainability information results in duplication of data collection efforts and limit organizations’ ability to gather real-time, actionable insights. The Eka Sustainability and ESG Solution has three focus areas:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Social and Corporate Sustainability
  • Employee health and safety.

Read this app sheet to learn how Eka’s Sustainability and ESG app can help you

  • Drive initiatives including training programs, incident captures, and legal proceedings or take course correction measures
  • Comply with corporate reporting requirements as well as the UN SDG, CGP and any other standards, and report them accurately
  • Create custom dashboards based on individual or corporate, to measure sustainability
  • Digitally connect and collaborate across your entire business network with one common experience, one security model and one integrated source of data