The beauty of breaking monolithic CTRM systems into their smallest components – individual apps for specific functionality – is that you can pick and choose exactly the solution you need, and you can implement it quickly and inexpensively. You can add more apps later, as your business grows, but you can start with what you need to make your life easier now.

Today, we highlight four apps that have an immediate, significant impact on your business.

Position – Real-time Insight, Better Decision Making

Having access to the right data at the right time is the key to good decision making. With legacy CTRM systems, creating a position report requires manually aggregating, blending, and analyzing inputs from disparate systems – spreadsheets, broker statements, CTRM systems and more. This manual process is rife with human error, and takes hours, days, or even weeks to complete.

Traders spend crucial time putting these reports together instead of using that time to study the market and identify risks. Decisions are made based on outdated information, because the market continues to move while the reports are being created.

The Position App turns the time-consuming manual reconciliation process into a 30 second task and eliminates any scope for human error. It retrieves, integrates, and blends data from all systems and provides an accurate, visual representation of position in real-time, so you can react quickly to alleviate risk or capitalize on opportunities.

Watch this video to learn how one energy company cut reporting time by four days. 

P&L Explained – 99% Accurate P&L Attribution 

In today’s volatile markets, you need an accurate understanding of the root cause of changes to P&L. Due to the large number of factors that contribute to P&L change, and the interdependencies between them, P&L attribution is complex. Data is typically maintained in multiple systems, and most companies end up with a large unexplained bucket that inhibits decision making. The reconciliation process usually takes days, and sometimes more than a week, to complete.

The P&L Explained App aggregates and analyzes data from disparate systems automatically – without user-intensive manual processes – reconciling P&L attribution in minutes. It tracks over 150 events and attributes them to over 50 buckets with 99% accuracy and reports top change factors for quick analysis of leading causes of P&L changes.

P&L Explained saves time, provides a more accurate accounting of changes in P&L, and enables you to make smarter decisions.

Read the case study to learn how one energy company gained real-time visibility into position and P&L. 

VAR – Real-time Insight into Market Risk

Markets are characterized by risk, volatility and complexity. Companies need better visibility into market risk, but information about risk resides in many sources – including internal software systems, news feeds, market feeds and weather reports. Consolidating and analyzing this data takes time, but markets keep moving so analyses are always out of date.

Eka’s VAR App consolidates and analyzes data from disparate sources – including C/ETRM, spreadsheets, and market data providers – and provides fast, accurate insight into market risk. Users can analyze VAR scenarios at 90, 95 and 99% confidence intervals across a one-day holding period using Monte Carlo, historical simulation and parametric methods. They can create flexible VAR risk portfolios and multiple market scenarios to predict the potential impact of price shocks and ‘what-if’ trades.

The app provides accurate, real-time insight so you can reduce risk.

Read the case study to learn how one company chose Eka’s VAR to manage risk for over a billion transactions.

Plan Performance – Increased Productivity and Profits

Facilities such as grain sites, port terminals, and mines are under constant pressure to increase throughput. These facilities use processes such as blending, milling, separating, crushing, or treating of products for optimal fulfillment of orders. Receival, transfer, and loading functions must increase efficiency to increase profits.

Eka’s Plan Performance App tracks and measures equipment, resources, shifts and teams across various entities for unexpected changes. Users can produce in-depth planning analyses and even evaluate the impact of weather on equipment performance. They can more accurately estimate site throughput using current and historical data, make better stacking and reclaiming decisions and improve operational awareness and control through real-time product tracking and smart sequence control.

The app improves efficiency and decreases time consumed generating manual reports. It provides better visibility into plan execution, evaluates equipment performance, and highlights bottlenecks in operations. With Eka’s Plan Performance App, you have deep insight into operations, increasing productivity and profits while enhancing risk mitigation.

Read the case study to learn how one coal producer improved efficiency with Eka. 

These are just four of the 60+ apps we have that provide instant benefits. By integrating data from across the value chain in real time, Eka’s apps improve reporting accuracy and deliver real-time, in-depth analyses to help you make better decisions.

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