Treasurers have a crucial role to play in the success of a business. They are the custodians of cash visibility, and the treasury team helps business leaders in making strategic decisions. No matter the size of a business, in order to ensure treasury success, it’s important to have adequate cash flow. So, what’s the secret to optimizing the cash flow of a business? The answer lies in the 10 dimensions of cash management.

Read this e-book to know the 10 dimensions of cash management, and to understand the mantra of ‘Mitigate, Minimize, Optimize’. These three words can branch into golden tenets for treasury success. Let this guide your business towards a healthy balance sheet and financial stability. Learn how to:

MITIGATE: Cost of making payments, payments-related risk exposures, counter-party risk exposures.

OPTIMIZE: Days payable outstanding (DPO), relationships with banks, relationships with suppliers, interactions with customers, cash movements and currency positions.

MINIMIZE: Day’s sales outstanding (DSO), cost of processing receipts.