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Connected solutions to manage your entire energy value chain

Eka’s multi-commodity energy management platform enables you to manage all your commodities in one place. Manage your workflows across trading, risk management, supply chain and downstream to adapt to market changes.

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“Eka offered the best combination of functionality, ease of implementation, and a reputation for ensuring customer success.”

Neal Brandemark, Manager- Risk Management, Petronas

Comprehensive suite of solutions for the energy industry


Eka covers the entire energy value chain, including contracts, P&L, positions, energy trading, risk management, and more. Get powerful netting summaries, run trend analysis, and add algorithms to predict demand.

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Financial management

Deliver energy savings, ensure compliance, and get complete visibility of risk and exposure in an evolving regulatory environment. Integrate workflows to manage compliance requirements.

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Business collaboration

Get more out of your energy value chain through automated workflows, custom dashboards, real time chats with all counterparties, system integrations and analytics to solve business problems more efficiently.

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Eka’s comprehensive analytics solution provides a broad set of analytics applications integrated with data management, business intelligence, statistical analytics, and AI capabilities all embedded in one platform.

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“We conducted an in-depth evaluation of all the leading ETRM software vendors, and it quickly became obvious Eka offered the most comprehensive solution. In addition, Eka’s reputation for partnering with customers and providing excellent customer service made Eka the logical choice.”

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Asset classes

Crude oil and refined

Mitigate risk, manage physical movements, and optimize decision-making. Track futures trends, price movements, and changes in production and supply while managing inventories of crude, refined, and blended products.

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Natural gas and LNG

Manage the entire trading life cycle of Natural Gas and LNG in diverse energy markets. Improve logistics decisions while supporting complex scheduling using real-time balance, capacity, and transportation cost data.

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Manage volatile transmission costs and make the most profitable decisions around power scheduling, trading, and operations with Eka. Capture regional nuances and comply with government and regulatory requirements such as Dodd-Frank.

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Achieve better business outcomes

Pine energy

Pine energy builds foundation for scalable and powerful coal trading operation in 12 weeks with Eka cloud platform.

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Consolidated reporting for an energy company

A wholesale energy and midstream services company used Eka’s energy solutions to expand into new markets, from crude oil and coal to natural gas and RECs.

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