Eka’s Digital CM Platform is a product grouping that includestraditional trading and risk management solutions (for energy, ags, or metals), commodity management (CM) extension (including sourcing, operations and collaboration), and a cloud-based analytics and reporting solution (first announced in 2015 and referred to in previous ComTech Analyst notes as the “Commodity Analytics Cloud”). The various components – including the TRM products and the cloud-based analytics/reporting solution – are separable and available for licensing jointly or as discrete applications.

The company’s cloud solution leverages the now familiar concept of “apps” to provide high-value functional, analytic and reporting capabilities across multiple commodities and industries. With an API to the underlying transaction capture system (either Eka’s, or one or more competing solution), the cloud-based platform aggregates data into a NoSQL database, facilitating rapid processing of all types of data – both structured and unstructured. Additionally, the solution employs a cloud-based in-memory database to ensure rapid data processing and return of critical information and insights.

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