Eka launches new ETRM applications on its cloud platform

Germany, 13 February 2020 | Press Release

Eka’s Extensible Cloud Platform is helping businesses succeed in volatile energy markets with a range of new apps specific to all energy asset classes

Eka Software Solutions, the global leader in cloud platform commodity management solutions has made significant investments in energy-specific capabilities on its ground-breaking, cloud-native solutions platform. Based on in-depth knowledge of commodity trading markets, the platform helps clients mine data for better analytics enabling faster decision making. With over 50 enterprise apps to choose from, it offers clients flexibility with access to solutions for all energy asset classes; providing traders with unprecedented, rapid intelligence to help them grow margins in increasingly volatile market conditions.

As energy trading markets continue to transform, Eka’s platform is inherently designed to help traders react quickly and effectively. Whether there are changes in politics, geographical opportunities or climate, or if disruptive technologies emerge; the platform provides comprehensive business intelligence with real-time analysis of data from disparate sources.

A single platform, a complete solution

From a single platform, traders can access ETRM apps that not only cover trading and risk management, but also supply chain operations, finance and downstream activities. Alongside complete market / exchange data integration on the platform, new apps specific to energy businesses include physical contract management; complex and customized pricing configurations; logistics and scheduling; risk management; regulatory reporting, and analytical apps for trade operations, compliance, finance and accounting. The platform supports a comprehensive set of exchanges and instruments to meet the unique needs of each different asset class, including Crude Oil, Refined Distillates, Petrochemicals, NGL, Cryogenic Liquids, Biofuels, Solar, Wind and Hydropower.

Born on the Cloud

As Eka’s cloud native platform offers total flexibility, scalability and mobility – giving traders access to the information they need from mobile devices wherever they are in the world. Businesses need only choose the apps they require, adding more as they need over time. Apps can be deployed independently and quickly connected across multiple assets. This easy extensibility means features can be added without interrupting existing functions and enables the total solution to be more cost effective and rapidly deployed. Unlike traditional monolithic platform architectures, even the first implementation of the platform can be up and running in weeks vs. months. This fast deployment means benefits can be captured almost immediately enabling a faster return on investment (ROI).

The changes in the energy sector mean speed is becoming a key imperative to grow business and protect margins. The cloud-native Eka ETRM solution provides the speed and flexibility to give energy businesses a clear advantage in the marketplace. Ultimately, the Eka platform is proving to be a game-changer in energy trading and is enabling greater businesses agility to better respond to volatile energy markets.

About Eka Software Solutions

Eka Software Solutions is a global leader in providing digital commodity management solutions driven by Cloud, Blockchain, Machine Learning and Analytics. The company’s best-of-breed solutions serve the entire trading value chain across agriculture, energy, metals and mining and manufacturing markets. Eka is reimagining commodity management with a new age architecture that breaks monolithic ETRM and CTRM systems into bite sized chunks of powerful, enterprise grade apps, thereby enabling faster implementation, adoption and decision making. Eka’s mobile-first, enterprise apps are embedded with commodity specific algorithms that empower businesses to stay on top of volatile markets by letting them scale at will, go live faster, and achieve better value for their investments. Eka has offices across the Americas, Asia, Australia, and EMEA serving 100+ customers globally across multiple commodity segments. Read more about Eka at www.eka1.com.

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