Eka’s Quality Management Solution (QMS) enables site operators to more effectively meet quality standards, increasing profits and saving valuable resources.

Eka Software Solutions, the leading global provider of Smart Commodity Management software solutions, announced today that Eka’s Stockpile Quality Management Solution (QMS) has experienced unprecedented acceleration in adoption across 2017 and 2018. Eka’s QMS uses a true volumetric physical three-dimensional stockpile model to accurately track material quality.

Producers must deliver products at the right grade to their customers, but delivering higher quality products than what is contracted wastes resources and reduces profits. Producing the right product mix requires an accurate assessment of product quality in each stockpile, and an accurate prediction of what will be delivered, so the right material can be sourced and mixed to achieve the correct quality level.

Eka’s QMS uses innovative volumetric physical flow modelling to create a three-dimensional representation of the quality of material lots in real time. Using Eka’s QMS, operators can better match inventory quality specifications to sales quality specifications. Without this specific quality information, site operators deliver higher quality materials than necessary to ensure they meet specified delivery targets, or they deliver lower quality materials and incur penalties.

With Eka’s QMS, mine and port operators maximize margins while removing the possibility of penalties and avoiding wasting valuable resources.

Benefits include:

  • More accurate quality predictions for cargo and more narrow quality delivery envelopes, increasing confidence that planned deliveries will meet actual quality requirements.
  • Integration with terminal planning functions, reducing risks associated with ensuring the right material is available to the right place at the right time, decreasing uncertainty and lowering logistics costs.
  • Increasing stockyard real estate by using known and visible material type locations rather than physical gaps in stockpiling.
  • Stockpile tracking and modelling linked directly to production systems, eliminating the need for constant corrections and reconciliations. No time is spent analyzing discrepancies, saving time and reducing costs.
  • Exact, real-time status of stock and position, eliminating manual updates of stockpile shapes and locations, improving the timeliness of decisions while avoiding unwanted results.

InSight CM QMS enables bulk materials site operators to meet customer expectations without wasting resources,” said Stuart Watt, GM of Bulk at Eka. “We are currently implementing systems into iron ore, coal and bauxite stockpile sites and assisting companies to operate more efficiently and profitably. We are excited to continue our expansion into new operations and commodities across the globe.”

Eka’s InSight CM runs some of the largest ports in the world.

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