Eka Software Solutions, the leading global provider of Smart Commodity Management software solutions, will partner with Black Hawk Resources, a provider of procurement services and commodity product sales. The partners will offer a combined solution of Black Hawk expertise with Eka’s software.

Metals processing organizations have many challenges: achieving operational efficiencies, hedge accounting, risk management, and compliance reporting. The two partners will draw upon Black Hawk’s consulting expertise in developing commodity procurement strategies. Black Hawk’s recommendations to its clients can then be implemented by Eka’s software so that procurement operations are keyed to support management’s goals for revenue and margins.

“In my previous roles as risk manager with two Metal Processors and a major trading company, I worked extensively with other software systems. Eka has been a well-kept secret and was unknown to me at that time. In my view, Eka’s software is today best in class, modeled for metals operations with modern analytic tools to protect and boost operating margins. I am very pleased to partner with Eka to provide a combined offering of our risk management services coupled to this sophisticated software that implements our recommended strategies,” said Scott Stewart, Director, at Black Hawk Resources Ltd.

“This partnership will add significant value to companies seeking to adopt best practice in commodity hedging and price risk management operations. Scott’s experience as a hands-on operations and risk manager gives him tremendous insight and credibility with Metal Processors and their customers. Eka’s software for Metal Processors is specifically designed to implement Black Hawk’s recommendations to ensure that processing margins are protected, captured and realized,” said Daniel McEvoy, Vice President, Global Head of Metals & Mining, Eka Software Solutions.


Black Hawk Resources is a privately held company that participates in the midstream services of the metal and energy industries. Our core business provides procurement services and commodity product sales. The service component of our business is based on working with customers to identify the best purchase strategies for their energy and metal procurement. Black Hawk is concerned not only about the customer’s procurement strategy for energy and metals as a standalone cost of good, but from the standpoint of total customer revenue and earnings management. This difference allows Black Hawk Resource to provide both commodity services, as well as, price risk management services to our customers all while reducing the risk to their future. For more information please visit .


Eka is the global leader in providing Smart Commodity Management software solutions. Eka’s analytics-driven, end-to-end Commodity Management platform enables companies to efficiently and profitably meet the challenges of complex and volatile markets.

The company’s best-of-breed solutions manage commodity trading, enterprise risk, compliance, procurement, supply chain, operations, logistics, bulk handling, processing, and decision support. Eka partners with customers to accelerate growth, increase profitability, improve operational control, and manage risks and exposures.

Eka is a team of 315 staff with offices in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and EMEA, serving a rapidly growing global client base across multiple commodity segments.