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The new brand reflects Eka’s vision to accelerate digital transformation and build value for businesses within and beyond commodity management Press Release

The pace of change in global commodity markets is accelerating. Commodity trading companies are increasingly undertaking digitalization initiatives to gain market insights, improve business agility and accelerate information flow.

A global metals company implemented Eka’s Supplier Connect to replace emails, faxes and phone calls with real-time, digital collaboration. With Supplier Connect, they eliminated almost 200,000 emails.

Eka Software Solutions, the #1 cloud platform for commodity management, announced the release of COVID-19 Risk Monitoring, a free app designed to help customers and prospects quickly gain visibility into supply chain risks to better assess and mitigate risk.

As the coronavirus continues spreading around the world, government and individual reactions to the virus are wreaking havoc with energy markets.

BroadGrain creates foundation for future growth with Eka

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Eka driving data-driven decisions in manufacturing

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Eka Analytics

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Eka Business collaboration

Eka Business Collaboration digitally connects people, information, applications, and processes across an extended business network of consumers, partners, suppliers,…

Eka Global trade and logistics

Eka’s Global trade and logistics solution integrates the end-to-end global trading process, streamlining the life cycle of global trade transactions across orders, logistics and…

Eka Warehouse and yard management

Eka Warehouse and Yard Management manages inventory and physical processing of raw materials such as grains, coal and iron ore across your entire network. The solution is…