Over 75% of CEOs recently surveyed by PwC feel that economic growth will improve in 2021. But the velocity of disruptions continuously caused by the pandemic has left CEOs feeling cautiously optimistic about economic recovery.


Business leaders in commodity-intensive organizations are increasingly focusing on unique opportunities these disruptions can create and are looking to increase transparency across their risk landscape to ensure trust in business processes and ecosystem. As a way of strengthening these trust relationships, nearly 50% of the over 5,000 CEOs within the PwC survey plan on increasing their digital investments by 10% or more.


Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Impact of prevalent volatility emanating from health risks and cyber security
  • How to reinvent the workplace around people, process and technology to boost productivity
  • Mitigate risks and enhance transparency and trust across business by transforming legacy systems
  • Strategic utilization of investments made for digital transformation to build business transparency
  • Customer use cases: Implementation insights from PwC and COFCO in establishing trust technology


Michiel Mannaerts,
Partner, Treasury and Commodity Management,

Ruben Fuentes Perez,
Global Head of IT Transformation and Innovation,
COFCO International

Luke Humphrey,
Global Head of
IT – Front Office,
Customer Services and
Vertical Platforms,

Manav Garg,
CEO and Founder,