The pandemic was a harsh wake-up call for the world. It urged everyone to focus on maintaining an ecological balance between progress and sustainability. For enterprises, this challenge brought many opportunities and risks. As investors and stakeholders shifted focus toward a balanced business model, companies realized the importance of addressing short-term risks with building long-term resilience.

Utilizing a solid ESG strategy, backed by a unified sustainability management approach with a complete ESG solution provided a much-needed solution to businesses. Incorporating ESG enables companies to mitigate risks and utilize business opportunities, bringing holistic growth for the future.

This whitepaper explores intricate details of ESG by:

  • Recognizing critical drivers of mainstreaming ESG
  • Addressing data-centric challenges
  • Explaining the facets of a unified sustainability management approach
  • Establishing the Eka approach to ESG
  • Discussing Eka sustainability use cases and more