Assess the counterparty credit risk and provide a single point of truth on credit risk exposure with Eka’s Credit Risk application

Businesses are using disconnected systems to process and calculate counterparty credit risk online for pre-deal, pre-shipment, pre-invoice checks. Eka’s Credit Risk App lets users mitigate counterparty credit exposure via constant monitoring and allows traders/risk managers to make more informed decisions. Each data point which contributes to credit exposure are recorded in Credit Risk App. In addition, exposure from other systems also can be consolidated to derive the credit risk.

Read this app sheet to learn how Eka’s Credit Risk app can help you

  • View credit exposure limits and underlying trades breaching the limits
  • Track changes and movement over a period
  • View credit risk exposures across different business units
  • Track exposure at a counter party or counter party group level
  • Add credit exposure related data from other transaction systems