Commodity producers, traders, buyers and investors are under pressure to undergo massive transformation. Companies face an increasingly complex operating environment, but have incredible opportunities to influence a brighter future, while delivering maximum impact.

A global shift toward environmental accountability, major technological disruptions and unexpected economic activity are all creating exciting opportunities and stark challenges for trading houses, investors, producers, traders, buyers and governments alike. Now is the perfect time to come together as a collective ecosystem and push the commodities agenda forward.

At Reuters Events’ Commodity Trading Summit we will be sharing our insights and best practices with industry leaders and experts who are challenging what’s possible and developing innovative and responsible solutions to deliver a better global commodity trading system.

Eka’s one platform is helping companies accelerate digital transformation by turning ideas into powerful applications. Helping them digitize and visualize business process across supply chains from producer to manufacturing to the end user. Unlock the value of your data from sourcing to trading and risk, supply chain and financial management with 50+ mobile applications.

  • Eka Cloud Platform: Eka’s Commodity Management Platform was built on a foundation of automated workflows that integrate advanced analytics, persona-based discovery boards and seamless integration of data.
  • Trade and Risk Management for Ags: Get end-to-end coverage of physical trades from origination and pricing to contracts specific to your market.
  • Trade and Risk Management for Energy: Make better energy trading decisions with a complete view of position, exposure and on-demand P&L.
  • Global trade and logistics: It integrates the end-to-end global trading process, streamlining the life cycle of global trade transactions across orders, logistics and settlement by acting as a conduit for information flow and collaboration with supply chain partners.
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