Sustainability initiatives and ESG reporting represent new business imperatives. With growing investor requirements, government regulations and consumer expectations, sustainability has gained more attention than ever. Digitalization provides a method for capturing data that provides a single point of truth between stakeholders and provides analytics, action management, and reporting, thereby helping enterprises comply with regulations with less effort, more accuracy, and precision, as well as a prominent level of proactive ESG management. Using SaaS-based ESG solutions can reduce reporting time in multiple frameworks, improving ROI for ESG investments.

The webinar is an insightful fire-side conversation with the sustainability and ESG experts on how to mitigate sustainability risks, key challenges, and the way forward.

Key discussion points:

  • Why is sustainability in discussion now more than ever?
  • Corporate sustainability is subject to a lot of attention but not much clarity. What is going wrong for enterprises?
  • Why is digitalization indispensable for mitigating sustainability risks
  • Benefits of digital transformation in the sustainability journey



Shuchi Nijhawan
Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Human Resource Officer,

Joseph Nayeem

Joseph Nayeem
Sustainable Finance Advisor
Kalmus Capital

Indrranil Roy Choudhary

Indrranil Roy Choudhary
AVP – Marketing & Corporate Communications

Thomas Harding

Thomas Harding
Regulatory Solution expert