Large agriculture cooperative streamlines broker reconciliations

Multiple business units having separate manual processes. Highly error prone creating a bottleneck in the close process.

Integrate across eight different formats with automatic financial reconciliation.

Faster and more accurate reconciliation results within minutes, saving 15 person days a month.

Trusted by 100+ global businesses


Eka financial reconciliation application for financial close

See how Eka financial reconciliation application helps you achieve accurate and virtual reconciliations in minutes, saving you valuable time and resources.

Close faster with automation

Broker reconciliation

Match trades from transaction or ledger systems with broker statements.

  • Identify breaks and differences between systems, modules, and reports with ease
  • Replace manual reconciliation activities with a single click reducing end-of-day/month time pressure
  • Avoid instances for fraud and integration errors with interactive reports and alerts
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financial close

Invoice and stock reconciliation

Streamline reconciliations and increase control by matching payments, adjustments, receipts, contracts, stocks, and commissions.

  • Avoid errors and track in real time, while monitoring breaks and breaches across entities
  • Automate complex grouping and calculations to reconcile trades, stocks, commissions, across disparate systems
  • Identify deviations and isolate root causes
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Achieve better business outcomes

invoice reconciliation

Legacy systems are inadequate for digital next

Traditional technology infrastructures that support commodity traders, merchants and producers are holding back digitalization efforts.  Read how cloud based ETRM/CTRM is moving beyond simple porting.

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Gaining Value with Eka’s Cloud Platform

Gaining value with Eka’s Cloud Platform

Read how an Australian Grain Cooperative solved a manual reconciliation process that required 82 steps and 11 spreadsheets and consumed 20 working days each month.  Quick answer, Eka’s Cloud Platform.

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Quick and efficient close

Quick and
efficient close

Fast and accurate reporting

Fast and
accurate reporting

Better fraud transparency

Better fraud transparency

Reduce risk


One platform to centralize data

One platform to centralize data

Eka’s one platform advantage

  • Enterprise applications on cloud: Powering the value chain from trading & risk to supply chain to business collaboration on a single cloud platform
  • Embedded, real-time, advanced analytics: Single actionable view of your business for faster decision making
  • Powerful application framework: Transform complex processes into applications with built-in schedulers, workflow engine and custom applications
  • Built-in integration: Pre-built, Eka supported connections to third-party applications and services