Leveraging dashboards, analytics and reporting to optimize cash management

Information that does not impact decisions is just that, information. Analytics and reporting that impact decisions deliver treasury intelligence. Do you get the right information at the right time to the right people to optimize your company’s cash conversion cycle?


Discover how companies are leveraging dashboards and analytics in conjunction with reporting done right to empower cash management success.


We will share how leading technology is allowing companies to deliver the most value from cash movements by:

  • Delivering a unified view of cash across business units on one platform
  • Offering insightful dashboards where comparison against historical forecasts and budget benchmarking can be done
  • Delivering reporting that matters in near real time
  • Offering a unified view of capital structures, liquidity forecasts, risk measures, working capital management and financing which gives insights to enable strategic decision making


Ernie Humphrey
CEO and COO,
360 Thought Leadership Consulting
Treasury Webinars

Devanshu Bhatt
Senior Vice-President Treasury,