Sourcing and procuring direct material are complicated, especially in metals and mining, given the specific nuances of operating in these industries. To name a few, there are tolling agreements, accounts payable for multiple purchase orders, complex assay rules, weighing and sampling, and collaborating with suppliers. Making informed decisions to optimize spending and improve supplier relationships becomes difficult when these workflows are managed in a web of manual processes and disparate systems that operate in silos and hinder informed decisions given the lack of a holistic view.


To gain 360-degree insight into critical spends and suppliers, enterprises need intelligent, cloud-driven solutions that connect data and automate manual processes for a timely and unified view.


This webinar will explore how businesses can improve productivity and make better decisions in sourcing and procurement processes for metals companies that operate in mining, exploration, smelting, and metals recycling.


Get insights into:

  • Sourcing and procurement challenges for metals and mining industries
  • How to manage tolling contracts
  • How to manage the weighing and sampling process
  • Setting and umpiring assaying rules
  • Ways to improve the supplier performance and optimize PO
  • Manage risks while implementing sourcing and procurement processes


Rajesh Savio
Leader – Product Management,