Global supply chains are facing tough challenges in this post pandemic world. The risks involved in raw materials supply chain were complex to begin with, but the uncertainties brought on by recent events has further exposed direct materials businesses to higher cost escalation risks.


Logistics and inventory management majorly influence the costs involved in raw materials supply chain which has a direct impact on the bottom line. Businesses are currently looking for ways to build a resilient supply chain to address the blind spots and effectively mitigate the risks through digitalization.


Get insights into:

  • Key procurement metrics to assess the performance of your supply chain
  • Ways to achieve traceable supply chain for direct materials
  • Measures to cope up with the direct material price volatility
  • Advanced technologies to attenuate the short and long-term impacts of the pandemic
  • Business cases on how organizations have benefitted from resilient supply chain


Savitha Subramanyam Nemmar
Director of Products,
(Supply Chain and TRM)

Rajesh Savio
Leader – Product Management,