With changing customer expectations, increasing competition, and evolving ESG regulations; businesses are rethinking long-held beliefs on sustainability practices.

As businesses engage in ESG reporting, they not only showcase their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact but also provide transparency to their investors and customers regarding their non-financial performances.

Get a grasp on this dynamic world of ESG reporting with Eka’s leading sustainability expert as you gain crucial insights on the preparation of an ESG report and learn best practices that can serve as your ready reckoner.


  • Evolving ESG reporting landscape across the world
  • Deep-dive into the requirements of key frameworks – TCFD, SASB, CDP, CSRD
  • Best practices in preparation for the ESG report
  • Latest technology for efficient ESG reporting.


Nathalie Ferrant
Corporate Strategy

Chan Jin Wei Louis
Sustainability Manager,
Golden Energy and Resources

Shuchi Nijhawan
Chief Sustainability Officer,