If you are buying or selling commodities, chances are you have either implemented a CTRM (or ETRM) system, evaluated one, or built one. You use that system to manage commodity trading, but it’s probably not enough. It’s missing the position or P&L reporting you need, or you are still relying on spreadsheets to manage hedging, or risk management is still disconnected.

Is it possible to get a CTRM system that delivers exactly what you need for your business?

You can get exactly what you need in a CTRM system, but you won’t find it in a one-size-fits-all solution. Commodity trading companies vary greatly, from companies selling one commodity in one region to companies selling dozens of commodities in hundreds of locations. Even the closest competitors face different challenges based on their own internal reporting requirements and individual business practices.

A better way

Eka’s modern commodity management platform is designed to meet the needs of all commodity trading companies, regardless of industry, size, geography, commodities traded, or business complexity. The platform has options from simple, out-of-the-box CTRM systems for one user to fully customized systems for thousands of users. From small startups to $100 billion trading companies, Eka delivers the functionality you need to grow your business and make smarter, faster trading decisions.

We have pre-packaged systems, or you can create your own system by picking and choosing exactly the apps you need to drive your business.

Sample CTRM plans

Entry level CTRM is perfect for enterprises still relying on spreadsheets or ERP for commodity management that need some additional position and risk management functionality. It is the lowest cost and simplest solution and can be implemented in as little as two weeks. It works well for large manufacturers and small trading companies.

CTRM Lite is designed for companies with slightly more complex commodity management needs. These companies need better control of their businesses and audit trails are required business practices. They need more advanced functionality, including position and mark to market, risk management, physical trades, derivatives and settlements. These are small and medium-sized trading companies and commodity intensive companies. CTRM Lite is also quick and easy to implement and can go live in just a few weeks.

CTRM Standard provides a complete suite of apps for trading and risk management, including logistics and scheduling. This out-of-the-box system was designed for companies that need full trading and risk capabilities with minimal customization. These are bigger companies that need easy, quick implementations but also want strong collaboration and full service from their vendor partners. Eka’s CTRM Standard comes with seven standard apps: Position & Mark to Market, Risk Limits, Physical Trades, Derivatives, Settlements, Logistics & Scheduling, and P&L Explained.

CTRM Plus delivers comprehensive trading and risk management with advanced decision support and compliance tools. It’s perfect for larger trading companies that need more control, have more complex trading practices, or have more stringent reporting requirements. Apps include Position and Mark to Market, Risk Limits, Physical Trades, Derivatives, Settlements, Logistics & Scheduling, P&L Explained, VAR and Compliance.

Custom CTRM goes beyond packages to deliver customized solutions for highly complex businesses. These businesses may choose one of the standard packages and enhance it with additional apps, or they may create their own CTRM system from the ground up. They require customization to support specific workflows and functionality to address their individual business practices. These are large, complicated businesses that need modern CTRM software to help them drive profits by moving faster and smarter.

From one commodity to dozens, from one user to thousands, Eka has the system you need to make smarter, faster decisions. Contact us today to learn more.

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