The post Covid 19 world is all about resilience where building a strong culture of real-time cash visibility, manage liquidity and risks associated with foreign currency exposures, managing working capital etc., are the factors that will set the wheels of resilience in motion and define the role of the new CFO.

Eka’s cloud-native SAAS treasury management solution (TMS) is here to take the corporate treasury domain to the next level of evolution. With Eka’s TMS you enter a whole new world of automation, analytics and many more. Key features include but are not limited to:

  • Bank statement consolidation and reconciliation
  • Cash projection and Liquidity plan creation
  • Forecast tracking, monitoring and variance analysis
  • Track credit facility, evaluate tranche composition, headroom and lower cost of borrowing. Assess working capital invested in operations.
  • Source currency exposure data, derive level of cover and assess hedging requirement. Capture derivatives and measure effectiveness using multiple risk measures.