As noted in a previous Analyst note, Eka’s Digital CM Platform is a cloud-based product grouping that includes traditional trading and risk management solutions (for energy, ags, or metals), commodity management (CM) extension (including sourcing, operations and collaboration), and analytics and reporting. The various components – including the CTRM/CM solutions and the analytics/reporting solution – are separable and available for licensing jointly or as discrete applications. We further described the company’s cloud solution use of prebuilt (or user-developed) “apps” to provide high-value discrete capabilities that can be quickly deployed to address complex functional requirements across multiple commodities and industries.

With approximately 60 apps now available, the solution spans the myriad of value chains for all markets Eka covers, including energies, ags & softs, and metals & concentrates. Eka Digital CM solutions include CTRM and ETRM, Commodity Analytics, Supply Chain and Digital transformation.

Eka has, to date, completed connections to more than 15 different systems including ERPs, market price feeds and accounting systems and though connections to ETRM/CTRM systems of other vendors may require some development, once connected to the Eka cloud platform, the available prebuilt apps can be downloaded from Eka’s App Store and immediately deployed to enhance the capabilities of those systems. The solution also includes the ability to rapidly build-out new connections via the provision of tools for users to map target data structures of their internal systems.

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