Eka adds S&P Global Platts to its library of pre-built connectors

New York, 10 February, 2021 | Press Release

Eka adds S&P Global Platts to its library of pre-built connectors

New York, 10 February, 2021 | Press Release

Connector to S&P Global Platts helps commodity businesses access EOD market prices seamlessly for faster analyses and better decision making

Eka Software Solutions, the leading cloud platform  for digital innovation, today announced a new agreement with S&P Global Platts, the leading independent provider of benchmark prices and analytics for commodities and energy markets. Under the terms of the agreement, Eka’s pre-built connector will be extended to enable customers to seamlessly integrate S&P Global Platts metals and agriculture price assessment data with trade data for deeper insights across their supply chain to adapt to market dynamics quickly and effectively.

Data is vital to commodity management. In today’s markets, the speed at which data is accessed and understood is crucial to a business’s ability to respond to disruptive market events. By combining Eka’s cloud based CTRM/ETRM solution with S&P Global Platts metals and agriculture pricing data, commodity businesses can gain a better understanding of their business faster and make more informed decisions when unprecedented events occur.

“Recent market disruptions have proven how important digitalization is to commodity businesses, especially when it comes to responding quickly to new market information. Coupled with S&P Global Platts market data, our platform brings instant value to commodity businesses, empowering them to add resilience to their trading operations, mitigate risk and make faster, fact-based decisions.”

Manav Garg, CEO & Founder, Eka Software Solutions.

“We are excited to partner with Eka at a time when automation and cloud-driven solutions are transforming the way commodity businesses run operations. Allowing customers to access our market leading benchmark metals and agriculture pricing data within Eka’s powerful cloud platform, will help improve customers’ workflow and support efficient decision making.”

Joerg Gerth, Global Head of Channel Management and Strategic Alliances, S&P Global Platts.

The S&P Global Platts connector enables users to access current and historical price assessment data, by subscription that can be used across multiple applications on Eka’s Cloud Platform. This includes the Position and Mark to Market application that provides businesses a holistic view of position and FX exposures, the Value at Risk (VaR) application that supports the creation of flexible VaR risk portfolios and simulation of scenarios for more informed decisions and mitigation measures, and the Hedge Accounting application that helps increase visibility, efficiency and control in risk management.

In addition to seamless and secure integration with market prices from S&P Global Platts, the connector also allows users to access historical prices and support for extensive visualizations.

S&P Global Platts is the latest addition to a wide suite of connectors on Eka’s Cloud Platform, that integrate with ERP and CRM systems, weather data, on premise databases, exchanges, trade repositories, financial markets data and more.

About Eka Software Solutions

Eka Software Solutions is a global leader in providing innovative solutions that help customers digitize and improve their direct materials business functions across agriculture, energy, metals, mining, and manufacturing industries. Built to accelerate customer’s digital journey to the cloud, Eka’s platform-driven solutions enable businesses to quickly adapt and overcome complex challenges in trading and risk, supply chain, business collaboration and financial management. Eka supports over 100 customers globally and has proven industry expertise in helping customers achieve digital transformation, solving complex business challenges in an environment of continuous change. Read more at www.eka1.com.

About S&P Global Platts

At S&P Global Platts, we provide the insights; you make better informed trading and business decisions with confidence. We’re the leading independent provider of information and benchmark prices for the commodities and energy markets. Customers in over 150 countries look to our expertise in news, pricing and analytics to deliver greater transparency and efficiency to markets. S&P Global Platts coverage includes oil and gas, power, petrochemicals, metals, agriculture and shipping.

S&P Global Platts is a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI), which provides essential intelligence for individuals, companies and governments to make decisions with confidence. For more information, visit https://www.spglobal.com/platts

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