Several mid-large customers across the commodity spectrum from Agriculture, Energy and Metals in North America, Europe and Australia experience successful transitions to fully digital workflows. This includes front and back office automation, risk consolidation, connecting partners and customers, and adding pre-trade and derivatives to existing CTRM systems.

Eka follows its path-breaking sales record of 16 customers in six months by announcing 100% successful go-lives, breaking the long-time industry curse of high implementation failure rates of C/ETRM systems, ERP, and custom solutions for commodities. Eka’s Digital Commodity Management (CM) Platform, the first cloud-based app toolkit for modern commodity companies, unleashes the power of automating commodity workflows with pre-built, bite-sized apps that connect every part of the value chain from origination, to trading and risk, supply chain and procurement.

Now, every data-driven commodity enterprise – including hundreds of individuals limited by the inflexibility and failure of systems – can transform their businesses to deliver smarter, more personalized digital experiences that place the customer at the center of their business.

Comments on the news

“Rarely do we get to witness a positive acceptance of this magnitude from the commodity industry,” said Manav Garg, CEO & Founder of Eka Software Systems. “The industry’s response to working through powerful apps that are pre-configured to user needs and that go live in weeks instead of opting for lengthy customizations is a great testament to our product architecture.”

Commenting on the arrival of Eka’s Digital CM Platform Architecture, leading portal on commodity markets technologies CTRM Center said, “We were also provided a demo of the Digital CM Platform and it’s clear to us as a result that Eka has indeed created something quite different – a solution set that leverages the now familiar concept of ’apps‘ to provide a number of discreet and high-value functional capabilities across multiple commodities and industries.”

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The industry’s response to Eka’s Digital CM Platform signals the overwhelming demand for domain-rich tailored apps that are pre-built, connect all data, and extend from trading and risk to sourcing and supply. In addition to the rapid go-live architecture, the platform leverages features popularized by Facebook, Google and Twitter, such as profiles, status updates and real-time feeds, to empower enterprises with a new level of productivity.

Digital CM Platform Pricing and Availability

  • The Digital CM Platform is now generally available for upgrades to all paying user licenses of Eka’s CTRM Solution. (See
  • Individual Apps can be bought separately from the Eka App Store and can be added to any existing CTRM, ERP or Internal system.