Re-think credit risk management for your business

Re-think credit risk management for your business

Increasing debt levels and plummeting creditworthiness have shackled the commodities and energy industries for the last few years. Measuring and managing credit exposure in energy trading presents interesting and challenging additional dimensions to consider in comparison with the financial markets. There is a new sense of urgency in the market to re-evaluate the technology platforms used for managing credit risk. Organizations wish to digitally transform their technology to make better use of the credit risk data for improved decision-making.


Register for this webinar to discover why it is high time to refocus on credit risk management for your organization.


Get insights into:

  • Challenges of credit risk management across industries
  • Evolution of credit risk technology
  • How to leverage credit risk data to make business decisions
  • Improve the credit function as a part of your digital transformation

Date: 12 October, 2021
Time: 11:00 AM EDT | 4:00 PM BST | 8:30 PM IST
Duration: 30 Minutes


Dheeraj Dhingra
Sr. Techno-Functional Architect,
C/ETRM Solutions

Post-pandemic strategies to optimize your supply chain costs through digitization

Global supply chains are facing tough challenges in this post pandemic world. The risks involved in raw materials supply chain were complex to begin with, but the uncertainties brought on by recent events has further exposed direct materials businesses to higher cost escalation risks.


Logistics and inventory management majorly influence the costs involved in raw materials supply chain which has a direct impact on the bottom line. Businesses are currently looking for ways to build a resilient supply chain to address the blind spots and effectively mitigate the risks through digitalization.


Get insights into:

  • Key procurement metrics to assess the performance of your supply chain
  • Ways to achieve traceable supply chain for direct materials
  • Measures to cope up with the direct material price volatility
  • Advanced technologies to attenuate the short and long-term impacts of the pandemic
  • Business cases on how organizations have benefitted from resilient supply chain


Savitha Subramanyam Nemmar
Director of Products,
(Supply Chain and TRM)

Rajesh Savio
Leader – Product Management,

The unification of risk management and the evolving role of CTRM

The unification of risk management and the evolving role of CTRM

From procurement to payments, companies are turning to technology to address blind spots and efficiently navigate enterprise risk. As work becomes more complex and geographically diverse, it is critical that companies have a wholistic view of their risk exposure at every organizational level. Targeted solutions have existed in the past to address siloed concerns regarding procurement, trading, supply chain or treasury but there is a new trend emerging that provides a unified view of risk across the board. It’s a novel way of thinking about risk management as a whole.


Join us as we take a look at the innovations emerging out of the post-pandemic learnings and discuss how technology is enabling companies to get smarter for tomorrow’s challenges.


In the upcoming webinar collaboration, industry experts will give real-world examples of how companies are:

  • Reducing inefficiencies in their risk monitoring and detection programs
  • Coordinating cross-functional risk imperatives throughout an organization including commodity risk, FX risk, cash risk, operational risk, credit risk and more
  • Leveraging extensible and flexible technology solutions to meet organization wide risk policy objectives
  • Questioning age old CTRM paradigms to now experience modern platforms which go above and beyond traditional trading and risk management


Patrick Reames
Founder and Managing Partner,
ComTech Advisory

Featured speaker

Sidhartha Patnaik
Assistant Vice President – Products,

Mastering commodity supply chain resiliency: Lessons from industry leaders

Mastering commodity supply chain resiliency: Lessons from industry leaders

Supply chain risk has become the foremost threat to growth for CEOs. Faced with the inevitable, they are now accelerating their digitization efforts with an increased focus on direct materials and commodities which have long been ignored and forced to run on legacy technologies and processes. But with only 14% of companies seeing sustained and material performance improvements, how can supply chain, procurement and risk leaders increase their ‘digital’ success?


Watch the webinar to learn

  • Role of digitalization in managing business disruptions in the new normal
  • How to resolve complex challenges of direct materials and commodity supply chains
  • Benefits of migrating to agile digital solutions from legacy technology and processes
  • Quick actions and best practices for maximizing return from digitalization initiatives
  • Case Study: Insights from digital transformation at Savola and Emerald Grains
  • Platform Demo: Walk-through solutions used by customers to mitigate risks and build resiliency



Paul Brunet,
Leader – Commodity Business Platform & Product Marketing, Eka

Aftab Pashaw,
VP – Commodities Consulting, Eka