Achieving global cash visibility webinar

Treasury is responsible for several crucial areas of finance including liquidity management. Managing liquidity requires clear visibility to all cash regardless of its location or currency (bank, country, currency, entity). This visibility can no longer be limited to a single point in time. Liquidity management has a time domain and is commonly addressed through the short-term cash forecast or liquidity forecast. From APIs to machine learning (ML), newer technologies are being deployed that help leading organizations achieve the global visibility their companies require.


This session will look at the progress of firms in their quest to achieve global visibility for their position and forecast and will further examine how automation must be leveraged for these tasks for all but the simplest of organizations.


Learning objectives:

  • Consider the importance of rapid, global cash visibility
  • Examine technologies that can help achieve rapid, global cash visibility
  • Learn the role of automation in the quest for better visibility


Craig Jeffery
Founder and Managing partner
Strategic Treasurer

Devanshu Bhatt
Senior Vice-President Treasury,

Cash management

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Unlocking cash - Why new age CFOs transcend to cloud based modern cash forecast systems

With the setting in of Covid-19 and other geo-politically induced crisis events one after the other, there has been a growing concern of businesses to manage liquidity. This has made the roles of Treasurer and CFOs more demanding and complex.


They need to evaluate available resources, prioritize projects and make real-time strategic decisions. To adapt to this fast-paced and evolving complex role, it is critical to get a unified view of cash and the right technology to create a sound cash forecast that can be relied upon.


In this session, we will share the key pointers for better cash visibility and forecasting that include the following but are not limited to:

  • Changing role of a new age CFO
  • Disparate systems and why unified view of cash is important
  • Technology needed for unification
  • Moving towards better visibility of cash and more accurate cash forecast


Devanshu Bhatt
Senior Vice President, Treasury,

Renju Balu
Director – Treasury Product,

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