Shuchi Nijhawan of Eka Software Solutions: Carbon accounting to reach net zero

10 March 2022 | Podcast

A net-zero strategy starts with understanding, measuring, and monitoring carbon emissions. This process, now being called carbon accounting, is complex and challenging for organizations. When we consider multinational, multi-tier supply chains and the myriad of disclosure standards, the task of understanding carbon emissions and the footprint of an organization become overwhelming. In this podcast, Shuchi Nijhawan, Chief Sustainability Officer and CHRO, Eka Software Solutions, shares how Eka is addressing this problem. Eka, leveraging its expertise in procurement, supply chain, and treasury, has expanded its capabilities to help organizations by aggregating, visualizing, monitoring, and reporting on key sustainability initiatives.

In this episode of The Understory Podcast, Shuchi has a unique founding story – her role as the head of HR led her to develop relevant sustainability solutions for Eka’s customers. She discusses how supply chains and sustainability are interconnected which creates both opportunities and challenges for organizations. Shuchi offers insights into different types of carbon emissions, evolving disclosure standards, and how technology can enable net zero enterprises.



Shuchi Nijhawan
CHRO and Chief Sustainability Officer,

This podcast was first published on Understory.

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