Dynamic PO management

Stop following-up on purchase order updates from your direct material suppliers.

Dynamic PO management

Stop following-up on purchase order updates from your direct material suppliers.

Manage your direct spend with a solution purpose built

Collaborate with your suppliers on PO changes and improve accuracy by automatically updating your ERP in real-time.

Integrate with your ERP in real-time

With your orders changing frequently, ensuring your ERP is up to date is critical to manage direct material spend. Recognizing this, Eka has been designed to be ‘agnostic’ to your ERP or MRP systems. Now collaborate with your suppliers on POs while keeping your ERP updated with the latest information.

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Simplified open purchase order reporting

Simplified open purchase order

Reporting and keeping track of open POs have always been challenging. With Eka’s intuitive dashboard you get notified of any changes or updates from your suppliers, filter orders by status and, make updates to outstanding orders. All these changes are transmitted back to your ERP based on configuration in real time, so your entire organization has instant access to accurate data.

Measure and evaluate supplier performance

Measure and evaluate supplier performance

Evaluating your supply base is critical to reducing costs, improving process efficiency, and increasing business performance. With Eka’s interactive supplier scorecards, you can review the metrics such as product quality, vendor delivery, cost, and customer service in one central place to make decisions and act effectively.

Improved inbound shipment visibility

Improved inbound shipment visibility with ASN

Ensure maximum accountability and transparency by getting up-to-the-minute information about where your orders are. With Eka, you can get all shipment-related information prior to receiving a shipment. This helps you to drive changes in production plans or expedite orders to meet demand when shipments are late.

Automated and streamlined PO acknowledgment process

Automated and streamlined PO acknowledgment process

Eka was built to help direct material companies streamline and error-proof the communication and acknowledgment process so you can reduce risks, decrease costs, and enhance productivity. The cloud-native solution streamlines your inventory management and improves decision-making capabilities.

Achieve better business outcomes

Mitr Phol Sugar Corp. selects Eka cloud platform for risk management

Global metals company gains speed and efficiency with Eka

With Eka’s E-sourcing solution, the metals company significantly improved their collaboration with partners by reducing time spent on manual sourcing and support processes from 3 days to 3 hours.

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Leading agri-trade company adopts Eka’s farmer connect app

Leading Agri-trade company adopts Eka

Eka’s E-sourcing solution enabled the company to discuss, negotiate and finalize prices with their farmer network in one place through a web-based solution.

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