Organizations often struggle to visualize reporting of accurate data across multiple global standards which they need to comply with, impeding the full potential of their sustainability strategy and program. Businesses need a unified solution that can be configured across their operations and processes to collect accurate data and report progress on their sustainability milestones. Eka’s sustainability software enables turnkey visualizations to incorporate SDG and CDP standards under a single platform.

Our platform delivers a consolidated sustainability and ESG solution to capture ESG data, track corporate sustainability goals, manage employees’ health & safety enabling you to create business value and realize the true impact of your sustainability programs.

Key highlights

  • A cloud-driven solution with deep real-time analytics support for higher visibility
  • A low code, user-friendly portal with a self-service dashboard
  • In compliance with various international sustainability standards including CDP, UN SDG
  • An integrated platform to track carbon emissions, waste management and other relevant KPIs
  • Pre-set notifications on the essential metrics to help with prompt actions
  • Monitor employee health & safety data to create a safer workplace and enhance workforce engagement